Many people might think that gutter guards are not important, on the contrary they are very important. Gutters guard divert water from homes, meaning keeping them drier, but that turns out to be just one benefit of this innovative invention. Gutters divert water away from vulnerable roofs and foundations, protecting them from rocks or sticks and lowering the risk of a flooded basement or home.

Some projects are ideal for DIYers, and others should be handled exclusively by a licensed company. When it comes to gutters, however, you should always work with a licensed company. If your gutters are pitched or installed incorrectly, your home could be at risk of water damage. If your gutters are overflowing with debris, they’ll soon be overflowing with rainwater. If the gutters are not effectively redirecting water away from your home, it may leak back onto your roof or flow down into your basement. Additionally, clogged gutters may gather stagnant water, effectively creating a breeding ground for pests and bacteria. The added weight of debris and stagnant water may also cause them to sag or, in extreme cases, pull away from your home altogether.

The first and most obvious benefit of a gutter guard is that it keeps unwanted debris out of your gutters. The guard will let water trickle down and safely away, but stops those unwanted items like leaves, dirt, and other objects from clogging up your gutters and causing problems. Wet or damp debris that remains in gutters for too long can cause them to rust quickly. Of course, a rusted gutter comes with a whole host of other problems. If you don’t catch the rust quickly enough, the damage could become bad enough that you need to replace the gutter completely.

However, this cost is easily avoided by installing a gutter guard that prevents the rust from forming in the first place. Besides spending less money on repairs, you’ll also save yourself time. For anyone who took it into their own hands to clear out their gutters periodically, installing a gutter guard means that you can reclaim that time. You can dedicate the hours you would have spent cleaning dirt to other projects. Plus, you’ll save yourself from balancing precariously on a ladder while you try to maintain your gutters.

There are a variety of designs, so you can pick the one that works best for your home. Gutter guards might cost you money up front, sure. But in the long run, it will more than pay for itself.

Without a gutter guard, you’ll end up spending money on things like gutter cleaning or thousand dollar repairs for water damage that was caused by clogged gutters. Plus, a gutter guard can increase the value of your home. It’s definitely a worthy investment.

Besides what we’ve mentioned above, not everyone knows that a clogged gutter can be a danger to your home. In the wintertime, gutters that don’t drain properly can freeze. This, of course, causes more blockage and means water can seep into your home. During dry summers, debris like leaves or twigs caught in your gutter become kindling that poses a fire hazard. Gutter guard installation helps to protect you from both situations.

Gutter guards are a simple concept. It’s a cover placed over the tops your gutters. The cover keeps debris out of your gutters while allowing water to get in and drain away from your house. Gutter guards are a perfect solution to keeping your gutters from clogging. Gutter guards can be a good tool if professionally installed and maintained.

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