Removing old insulation is not easy, having the right equipment and personal protection can help a lot to get the job done. The common reasons why homeowners need to remove their insulation are; either because the insulation is too old and has lost its R-value, rodents have nested in the insulation, the insulation has been water damaged and it leads to mold or mildew, and lastly in very rare occasions the insulation is smoked damaged. A reason why insulation gets water damage would be the result of a leaking roof, therefore, it is recommended for homeowners to periodically have inspections for their attic insulation. In a worst-case scenario, the insulation may require removal in order to eliminate pre-existing materials that are dangerous and harmful (sometimes hazardous), like vermiculite that contains asbestos. Insulation has life expectancy of about 20 years.

Rodents nesting in the insulation is the primary reason in the United States why homeowners need to replace the insulation. It is impossible to effectively clean insulation since most insulation materials are made out of fiber. Any attempt to clean or vacuum insulation will be inoperative, as insulation absorbs rodents urine and scents. In these specific cases damaged insulations need to be removed to efficiently eliminate rodents scent and areas should be disinfected to kill bacteria left by rodents.

It is important to periodically have inspections of the attic and crawl space to catch any problems before they get to bad. Removing contaminated insulation is an important improvement for your home since damaged insulation can cause structural damage and can directly affect the air quality inside your home. Poor air quality can cause major health issues and put you and your family in danger. When searching for insulation removal company it is very important to use a professional, experienced company.

The attic insulation removal equipment and supplies needed for your project will be determined by the type of insulation to be removed. You will have one of two types of insulation in your attic, sometimes both; your attic will have been previously insulated with Blown-In also known as loose-fill Insulation or Batt Insulation. Blown-in Insulation is typically white, pink, brown, black, or gray in color and is a loose material that falls apart when you pick it up. Batt Insulation is most commonly pink, gray, or yellow but can also be found in white or brown and its form is a thick 4-inch to 12-inch mat of material around 16-inch or 24-inch wide by 4 feet long. For an attic that is 1,500 Square Feet attic insulation removal will take approximately 3-5 hours to complete.

Trioteam has trained professionals that will provide you with a thorough an honest inspection of your attic or crawl space to help you determine if any work needs to be done.

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