The crawl space is an area of the home that is easily forgotten, and most people never think of it until something goes wrong. Paying special attention to your crawl spaces does help your house to run as efficiently as possible, and it helps the structure of your home to last a long time.

There is always the possibility that rodents could move into your crawl space and cause extensive damage to electrical wiring, plumbing soft tubes, enter the heating and cooling ducting, nest in your insulation and/or leave rodent waste in your crawl space.

Rodents by nature follow their on scents, they mark their territories by defecating, urinating, and nesting in the crawl space. It is important to remove any nesting, rodent droppings and to disinfect any urine to kill any bacteria and scent left by rodents to prevent them from coming back.





Energy Bills


Rodent Cleaning


Odd Odors


In order to maximize your energy efficiency and make sure that your property stays as clean as possible, regular inspections of your crawl space and clean-ups are recommended as needed. Efficient insulation in your crawlspace can help you save large amounts of money on energy bills. Often times, winds piping through the crawl space of a home can collect rust along with mildew. These deposits can quickly get out of hand if left unchecked, especially because of how difficult crawl spaces are to access. The dark atmosphere of a crawl space also creates a habitation area for insects and vermin.



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